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Innovation is our passion. It is visible in every solution we provide with our extensive portfolio of aircrew training devices and services. We have listened to our customers and the industry in order to develop solutions that exceed standards in quality, useability, and cost-effectiveness. Our history of 40 years in manufacturing and supporting flight simulation training devices has provided us the ability to offer premier solutions to the commercial aviation industry. The flexibility and value of these solutions is proven in the AIRFOX family of simulators, which includes the AIRFOX Level D FFS.

“During my 25+ years as an airline instructor/examiner and as a simulator test pilot I worked with A320 simulators from all major manufacturers. Compared to these simulators it is safe to say that the AMST A320 NEO FFS is one of the best Level D Full Flight Simulators that I have seen, both from a quality perspective as well as from a user perspective.”– Senior Test Pilot (March 2021)


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Human Factor

Excellence in Human Factors training (Spatial Disorientation and UPRT) built into the devices

Health Monitoring

Health Monitoring based on connected solutions for maximum uptime


Fresh and modular software architecture for modern and user-friendly simulator operations at the highest performance with lowest latency and fastest reposition time in the industry


Latest motion system technology consuming 50% less energy


Lightweight motion-based flight training solutions for more cost-efficient but type-specific training

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