40 Years of Innovation in Pilot Training

AMST has been designing, manufacturing, and supporting aircrew training devices since 1982. Developing and deploying a wide range of impressive products, such as DESDEMONA has demonstrated the company’s innovative capabilities and commitment to quality. AMST has applied the same level of engineering excellence and innovation to its Level D Full Flight Simulators and Fixed Base Training Devices. We now support more customers with tailor-made solutions for their training needs than ever before.

The consolidation in the FFS market has reduced the number of training device options for airlines and training providers. Now, AMST presents to the market proven state-of-the-art simulators setting new standards for the industry. This enables the delivery of cost-efficient training without compromising safety or quality.

As an established premier supplier of pilot training AMST has a proven track record of translating customer requirements into outstanding training solutions.

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